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Shenzhen Atess Power Technology Co.,Ltd

  • Our story

    Founded in 2017, Shenzhen ATESS Power Technology Co.,Ltd is a global supplier of solar energy storage and EV charging solutions, who is dedicated to developing and delivering affordable clean energy to every corner of the world, offering our customers worldwide the possibility for energy independence.

  • Our team

    ATESS boasts an R&D team of over 100 highly experienced engineers. Our laboratory is fully equipped with advanced testing instruments to ensure top-notch product performance and quality, as well as customers' needs. We dedicate around 15% of our annual revenue to research and development each year to keep our products competitive.

  • Our vision

    Over the past years, ATESS has helped thousands of users and companies produce and consume green energy independently according to their individual needs, saving millions of tonnes of CO₂ emission. This motivates us to continually strive to create and innovate, on the universal carbon neutralization goal, and also a greener future energized by renewable energy technology.