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Empowering green production with clean energy


In the small town of Wassenberg on the German border, a factory is utilizing a continuous supply of clean electricity to empower its production and work. This is an asparagus processing plant that integrates production, sales and office. Due to its remote location, the power grid cannot directly transmit electricity. The diesel generator it originally used, apart from high energy costs, could not meet its electricity needs at all.


To resolve its energy crisis, the factory owner decided to run a 450kW, 464kWh containerized energy storage system. The system is equipped with three parallel 150kW ATESS HPS all-in-one hybrid inverter and ATS, which offers a solution to the power consumption problem for the factory. Since the installation of the system, the factory has realized 90% energy independence and approximately 7 hours’ backup power.




Now, all processing equipment and cold chain facilities in the factory can run uninterruptedly whenever needed. All electrical appliances and lighting in the office area, as well as 80 sleeping units in the employee dormitory area, are powered by this energy storage system.


“We have this system almost one year and we are very happy that we have this system, because we can make almost all energy we need by solar. And because of this we can also take our part for a good environment and save much costs for energy that normally must be taken from the grid.” Said Alexander Willemsen, owner of the factory.


At present, there are still countless remote communities in the world who need electricity. Bringing clean energy into enterprises and helping them achieve green production, is our constant pursuit.