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Energy storage products


Ghana Solar Hybrid Plant

Time: 2017


Project: Kashgar, Xinjiang,China


Installed capacity: 20 MW + 400 kW/1006 kWh


Product: SC500TL, lithium batteries



The DC side energy storage system solution provided by SUNGROW for Kashgar, Xinjiang (China) is reputed as “terminator of power generation limitation”. It is a DC bus side parallel energy storage system of PV assemblies and PV inverters without the need to change the existing AC system configuration in the PV power station. This energy storage system can store the PV power exceeding the limit power in batteries, and the stored power can be supplied with the grid is slightly idle by one charge and discharge cycle a day, thus thoroughly solving the problem of power generation limitation. This energy storage system can also substantially improve the accuracy of PV power prediction with flexible control of the PV power station output power, making the station smarter and the grid more friendly.